Link: Eat, Love, Die (2022) Episode 16

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53 Comments to “Link: Eat, Love, Die (2022) Episode 16

  1. this is such a cute ending what’s up with all the edgelords in the comments shitting on It?? a cheesy cute ending for a cute cheesy couple <3

  2. So why did Dahyun’s mom, grandmother, and the police officer head toward the police station? Were they going to turn themselves in?

  3. I love this drama…..literary this drama made me cry,laugh 👌🙌
    I am a very big fan of this drama. The ending of this series was just awwwwww i love it🎈🎈
    So much love for the actors ,director, cast & the whole team 🎆💝💝
    Thank you all for gifting us this amazing series

  4. What could have been a great drama just wasn’t that great. I mean l get the storyline but the series literally had no direction. What was the theory used to explain the connection between Dahyun and the chef. And l mean the culprit was exactly that interesting enough, to stir me. What about the puting someone in a fridge, the almost killing of people by some residents, is this all just normal. I didn’t anything but this drama, it’s not a drama l anticipated and enough so the little anticipation l had was only for nothing. Good effort but it just lacked something or maybe everything

  5. it wouldve been nice if someone found gaeyoon on street and took her to orphanage and after 18 years he met the lady who took her there and found gaeyoon..we have no choice but the dad to die

  6. great drama with a brilliant plot,got goosebumps,cried,laughed and smiled. Amazing job,thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  7. lol so the dude that gets hurt does not go to the hospital… BUT the girl that max has some bruising ends up in surgery??? wth

  8. Just me that feels like the last episodes were meh?
    Like I loved the start and everything every detail but then it started being very slow burn and I wanted more scenes with the second lead couple
    Maybe they should’ve wrapped it up by 12 episodes? And maybe shorted the unnecessary momentss
    I still loved it doe it’s one of my fav 2022 dramas

    1. serial killers be like that – he’s probably a psychopath. plus he buried them in the park where he used to play as as a kid so I’m guessing something happened in his childhood – family related or other which led him to kill other kids I’m not sure but that’s my guess. I doubt they’ll do a season 2

    2. also he didnt choose his sister particularly – he asked the stalker guy to bring him someone and so the stalker chose the sister and dayun because they were easy targets or what he saw

  9. What a great way to end it off they really deserved to be happy after going through so much hardship and pain. IM gonna miss the cast and everything about this drama, this drama will always have a place in my heart ♥️

  10. God, I feel so bad for Gye-Hoon and his mom, such a tragic life story. I’m glad he got some closure at the end, but still a very sad ending :c

  11. None of my theories is right HAHAHAHAHAHA. I felt bad for Gye Hoon, he grew up blaming himself and makes me sad that his dad was dead and buried along with his sister. Some character has suffered because of the incident happened 18 years ago. Glad Sejin reconciled with his abeoji, they suffered a lot too. love the ending tho.

  12. It was a good 😊 drama but I still think there are some unsolved cases for example why did that guy (culprit) harm the kids like I don’t think they told us ….

    1. that could be explained by the fact that he is a serial killer even if those do not work in pairs, what should’ve been explained is the way his father died? did he uncover the killer of the daughter and was killed before he could tell anyone? it could’ve been nice if they told us

    2. Why do you mean? predators and serial killers don’t have reasons, they just kill becasue they feel like it.

    1. What is the point when they don’t reveal the main reason behind the mysterious murder. I’ve waiting for it all this time but glad that it is a happy ending

        1. Actually they do, they are either sent or it’s a personal issue
          If the killer felt like just killing why did he not kill the stalker and why did he ask for two girls
          It’s till not clear, there is something to it
          Hoping for a season 2

      1. Exactly like if they were gonna make it this slow burned they could’ve added the reason, how the dad found out and got killed

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