Link: Eat, Love, Die (2022) Episode 4

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39 Comments to “Link: Eat, Love, Die (2022) Episode 4

  1. I’ve been very suspicious because of the thought that he didn’t feel the female leads feelings until now. One comment said that from the biggining he might have been feeling what the female lead is feeling since they showed us that she was friends with his twin sister. But why now? Sooo… I thought about it, and she said that she lost her memory when she was a kid or smthn like that, so it could be that when she lost her memory he stopped feeling her and that’s because he was no longer in her memory/life. And then he started feeling her again when they were closer since they were working in the same restaurant or even in the same region. That’s my thought, idk i could be totally wrong, but it kind of make sense. We still have to know what happened to the sister though. I am not sure about her but I think she saw something that she shouldn’t have seen so they killed her. My theory about her is that she saw the female lead’s mom killing her husband (you know, since she said that he used to abuse her) and then the guy that had blood on his clothe may have helped them to put the body away and then one of them had to kill the little kid because she saw what they did. I don’t know if it make sense..

  2. The mom and the grandma have killed someone before but I’m thinking its the grandma’s husband since she made up story about the grandma wanting to kill his husband in a dream cus of domestic violence but then he died.

  3. I think that maybe perhaps the “killer” was not the father but the son and he blamed his father and his father took the fault. And also that the son is the rookie weird cop. About the sis if she is alive, maybe the female cop and it’d make sense to match them together to make it more *spicy(? idk just my thoughts

  4. I think those feelings were not from his twin sister ,they are from main lead girl who was friend and playmate of his twin sister.

  5. I think his missing sister will be the new crazy waitress , the one looking for her crazy younger brother

    1. tbh i dont think so bc she is looking for that dead not dead guy (if you know who i mean) in tought of him being her younge brother but ig we wil see <3

  6. Maybe his sister’s spirit is trying to bring them closer together to solve the mystery. thoughts?

    1. maybe but also what if shes still alive ? like there a possiblity that she is a low one but still, or maybe when she died she wanted him to have something with the female lead bc she knew her or some

  7. doe anyone know what song plays at the very end of episode 4 (the recap of next episode part)? I swear I searched everywhere it apparently doesn’t exist, it’s so weird lol.

  8. Turquoise color is everywhere in this drama. From chair, wall, tshirt, sweater, bedsheet, mug, floor, the light etc

  9. I guess they took the heart of his true sibling then put it on the heart of the main lead girl because she was sick when she was a kid.

    1. im prettty sure thats not the case. it literally showed him saving her as a kid and her saying she often thought ab him so it prob has something to do w that

    1. No, but I think they had the same artist do their OST because that one specific song is giving me “its okay to not be okay” vibes too.

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