Long Time No See (2017)


Two killers, “Flying Knife”(Tak Woo Suk) and “Wild Dog”(Yeon Seung Ho), get the job from their criminal gangs. They meet by chance and find out that each of them was assigned to kill each other. Feelings flare up between them, but both hide the truth that they are murderers. However, “Wild Dog” has another secret, which he cannot tell “Flying Knife”. Finally, the truth about them is revealed, and their lives are at stake, as they both are considered traitors. They try to escape and start a new life, but many obstacles appear on their way. Will they be able to overcome ovstacles and keep their love?

Also known as:롱타임노씨

Also known as:롱타임노씨


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Genres: ,

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