Love Alarm 2 (2021) Episode 6

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42 Comments to “Love Alarm 2 (2021) Episode 6

  1. So happy ☺️ looking at two of them made satisfied. ending couldn’t have been more good. Hye yeong deserves jojo.😊 Just sun ho stole her that how things became complicated.

  2. Thank you and I love you Love Alarm season 2. We all sad for Hye Hyong in season 1 and director nyim, thank you for giving chance to him. Best Kdrama season 2 ever.

  3. The ending was beautiful, I cannot think of a better ending.
    I think it was fair that Lee Hye-yeong, who liked kim Jojo first, ended being with her. Honestly, from the beginning I always felt that Hwang Sun-Oh, stole her from him, so I’m happy with the ending. This is definitely how it was supposed to be.

  4. What the heck!!so injustice to SunOH….Hate this ending!! I wish i hadnt watch it. Though Hye young is a good bf but why with Kim JoJo???i came here only for SunOh…so dissapointing!!

  5. Guys- i just got a sad ending tbh and my freaking ship didn’t get into good things at all,,ISTG if my ship doesn’t sail…….My only hope is season 3,,It would be nice asf if we get a happy ending- I’d appreciate it cuz i cried already for more than 6 times- smh

  6. First season was so good like teenager love it shows how they truly love each other despite of there status in life and how we see there smile to each other and the happiness to them but we really expect season two for the ending of one and now here it is expecting they will end up. It gave me too much stress, sadness and hopeness, but opposite to that its good they end up having both partner even its not sun oh and jojo. We hope they end up together because they have chemistry and the truth is they will follow there heart if that’s happen without thinking of mind. Well, its only story but at least give us the the best ending were we all become satisfied and happy as well. Waiting for season 3. 😚

  7. Tweety
    πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜‰…… Hopefully make another movie kim so yun and song kang…….. And happy ending…..😘😘😘

  8. Honestly, I know most poeple are saying its not worth it but there is some important things in this season. Like I was also devastated that jojo didnt end up with Sun oh and how Sun ohs feeling were completely ignored. Like he didnt even get a proper explanation. However it shows that the app isnt entirely correct. These days teenagers are living based off dating apps but what if even though were meant to be destined with one person but you like someone else. It may not make sense the but the message behind it was beautiful. Netflix did rush it a bit tbh and I didnt like who jojo ended up with but then again its to portray the message. I just feel like they couldve put more time into the drama so people would understand it better.

    1. If the app isn’t entirely correct, why did Il-sik and Jojo break up in the first season? Jojo dated Sun-oh in the first season because she and Il-sik didn’t ring eachothers love alarm. I had a lot of potential in this drama but Netflix decided to end it the same way they did in the webtoon. I wouldn’t say it was a waste of time, this drama was way too complicated for some people to understand. That is all I would like to say.

      1. Maybe they broke up because they really didn’t feel the connection and during that time she felt like the app determined who she should’ve been with and later on she realized it doesn’t determine who she rlly chooses to love. But i completely agree w u abt it being too complicated for some people to understand :))
        Anyways it was ok for a season 2

  9. bruh I thought this drama could be cool what I mean I thought she’ll end up with sun oh but
    not after hurting him I regret watching this stupid drama

  10. There’s still a lot missing that needs to be covered. Like Sun-oh and his relationship and what about Duk-gu? We only saw him in this episode. Tbh I would like it if we also saw more of Mul-gi too. Hye-in is really sweet but it just don’t sit right with me that him and Jojo are like in a relation, I mean before they had like no chemistry but I guess they have more now but Sun-oh and Jojo have way more chemistry still… omg we need a season 3 because there’s more to cover.

  11. Ugh, this is soo..not pleasing to watch. I wish i never waited for it.
    I wonder what was the reason for season 1 they were showing us how sun oh and jojo loved each other like hey what can difeat that kind of love😑🀬😑🀬😑😑

    I really hate this ending and i normally dont hate the endings

  12. #HeartbrokenπŸ’”πŸ˜­Jojo & Sun oh# forever ❀️
    I can’t accept thisπŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ˜­

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