Love Alarm


Kim Joe Joe (Kim So Hyun) is a beautiful and intelligent school girl. She has a good life, but after her parents dies, life becomes difficult for her and she has to live with her aunt’s family. Hwang Song Oh and Lee Hye Young are best friends who go to the same school as Kim Joe Joe. They both like Kim Joe Joe. Their relationship becomes complicated by the release of a phone app that notifies the user every time a person who likes him is within 10 meters.

Based on the popular webloon “Love Alarm”.

Also known as:Joahamyeon Ullineun / 좋아하면 울리는


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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84 Comments to “Love Alarm

  1. I haven’t watched season two yet but I genuinely liked this season. Idk why everyone hates it so much.. In every love triangle story we know from the start with who the girl ends up with but this drama proved us wrong and I rllllly like that about it.?
    Can’t wait to watch season two?

  2. im about to watch this drama. i hope it lives up to the hype but then again a lot of people say its trash so we’ll see

  3. Don’t watch it, it’s really not worth your time. I truly wish someone stopped me during season one and not two…the ending is trash and Sun Oh gets hurt.

  4. I feel so bad for sec lead man..that why you can’t dwnload this app,it will hurt your feeling at the end if you know that girl not rung your love alarm..?

  5. They are obsessed with love alarm app lol..wherever they going they will check their love alarm to find who their love..they believe in such of app?,

    1. Nope there is no such app but there is a app called rakuten viki where you can find some kdrama, jdrama, cdrama for free. Like any other platform providing series it’s not fully free.

  6. this drama need a season 2..this drama deserve a happy ending!!! i want kim joejoe and hwang song oh to continue their love story…..

  7. damn the next season are not out yet!!
    been waiting for agesss…
    can’t believe why they have to do have season seperate like thisssss…….. ( >< )

  8. yah. i hope they can release part two of this kdrama series. felt like ive been cliff-hanged by this drama haaayst. ??

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