Love All Play (2022) Episode 12

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18 Comments to “Love All Play (2022) Episode 12

  1. I don’t know why but I burst of laughing when the mom slapped him coz of the reaction the FL made ??

  2. I seriously just fucking hate everyone in this show except Taejun. I even hate Taeyang, I mean why is she taking all the blame and begging for forgiveness?? Its just making me so angry and why was she just fucking smiling when he asked to breakup, it made my blood boil!!!!! I am angry as fuck!!!! I don’t think I can continue watching this.

  3. Why tf she slap her son she didn’t even treat him well
    Also i was just an accident so why FL wants to all blamed they just hang out
    first i thought it would be about sport and romance now its getting bored the same melodrama of regret if it focus on FL and ML lead sport carriers it would be so nice its only going depress and y FL wants to breakup with ML bcoz of that incident it doesn’t make sense nyways im looking forward

  4. This is ridiculous honestly if I was him I would’ve disowned the entire family they obviously don’t care about him. They are all so pathetic ?

  5. Shit-. This is all wrong! Firstly it was AN ACCIDENT! Why tfffffffff everyone is blaming herrr! This is more depressing to see her beg to everyone and get hurt. I thought this was a cute lovely drama but ig i was wrong!

  6. I literally had to make an account to say this. Why is no one putting the sister in her place. The mother as well because they are treating him like crap. Now the main girl is getting on my nerves oh my lord.

  7. I am missing badminton matches, why the hell this is turning into a typical love story, while focusing simply on love we have lost the spirit, and enthusiasm towards sports I started it as it was the first drama on badminton but It’s actually turning out bit disappointing.. ?

    1. This is actually the second badminton drama the first is racket boys that one has more game play that ik of

  8. If they are breaking up I swear of God I’m going to sue the fucking director.
    After seeing twenty five twenty one i’m still traumatized.
    If this is also going to have e sad ending then I’ll be fucking done with these fucking upcoming and ongoing K-dramas!!

  9. I was going to say fuck you guys for them breaking up but now I’m all confused with the next episode prequel. Did they actually break up or not? I’m very confused????????

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