Love All Play (2022) Episode 16

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20 Comments to “Love All Play (2022) Episode 16

  1. I feel like crying I haven’t even watched the last episode 16 as yet cause I’m so sad it’s the last episode and then its done and I’m just reading these comments crying cause this was truly the most amazing kdrama and I’m sad this is the end.♥️?
    It’s so hard when kdramas like this end it takes me about 1 year or six months to forget about the kdrama it’s just like true beauty I’m over it now and now I have to get over this to it’s so hard I should just stop watching kdrama but I cant?????

  2. Who won?? Anyways this drama was the best comfort drama ever. But its the first time i pity the fl so much they way she cried in every ep god she was depressed af. But i really the the couples and the ending! everyone is saying what’ll they watch now. Same here guys?

  3. I felt so good that it is a happy ending…I really prayed not to cry on the final episode…bravo to all involved on this drama, love it especially the Park Twins

  4. Love me a happy ending <3 Sad we didn't see who won the final match! Loved this show so much, Im happy everyone got along in the end <333333333

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