Love in Contract (2022) Episode 2

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17 Comments to “Love in Contract (2022) Episode 2

  1. It’s really good, end thats the first time that I like the ML more them the second guy, the ML end the FL are good together ❤️

  2. I think he is a Forensic scientist,so he is working out how victims are killed or disposed of,hence the bleach and other chemical products.The girl was stabbed on the stairs so he was trying to work out how .Court has been mentioned and he said he listens to people plead before he ends their life as in sends to prison ? Enjoying the drama,love her friend.

  3. Jung Ji ho’s job might be a secret agent like CIA 🤣🤣🤣 he said his job is not a common job… A lil bit creepy….

  4. when you will upload the next episode !!! oh my I am so excited mind creating next scenes .. <3 waaaah please send the next episodddeee pleease :*

  5. I wonder what ge does it has to be something crime related. Since it’s a drama, and he make good money imma guess an attorney or a detective.

  6. If you wants to download try to install beaver and use for searching dramacool and download the ads well block by beaver I use this apps to download the Episode of the drama that I like to watch

  7. liking it so far not a big fan of hers her dramas are always the same love triangles , but lets see what happens.. the lead guys are bringing me here ,, special Kim Jae-young he is so so handsome and sweet . He needs more lead dramas .. his so good at anything.. and our reply 1988 guy so sweet too.. Go -Kyung-pyo .. nice actor …

  8. When you download this episode for 1hour with 850mb but then you see it doesn’t have subtitles.
    Every fking time this is happening can you feel my pain? Also I don’t like to watch this online why? Because this website have 829292019 ads now. Bye I’m dead now

    1. You can always check that place by the side before the episode… It always has written RAW or SUB…
      Then you can also download brave app and download without ads

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