Love in Contract (2022) Episode 5

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25 Comments to “Love in Contract (2022) Episode 5

  1. The way that actor guy made that announcement without consulting her, I wouldn’t care about his reasons, I would say NO to working with him because WHY IS HE TAKING AWAY HER RIGHT TO AGREE?? So annoying! No danger of second lead syndrome here!

  2. Everyone is saying that the chemistry between 2nd ML and FL suck, but so does the chemistry between FL and 1st ML LMAO dont be blind.

  3. The 2nd lead is soooo annoying, he keeps breaking her boundaries and there is no chemistry between him and the fl, and he is just so forgettable, i can’t even remember his name. I am fully rooting for jung jiho, his character has many good layers, is more complex, more sweeter, and cuter, and juho and her have more chemistry

  4. I hope she ends up with the judge .I understand she is doing it to help him because she relates to him but the chemistry is better between her and the judge

  5. I bet she is going to end up with the actor. Personally not a big fan of the actor and do want her to end up with the judge. Starting to notice that the majority of the kdramas tend to have a pattern of pairing the protagonist with someone they find super annoying (the actor). Think this drama will put the judge as the 2nd male lead.

    Does anyone else feel like this drama will have a predictable end pairing as well?

    1. I agree with you. The pairing suck, like a lot. The chemistry is off too. The judge is so much better. His character has more layers too, and he feels real.

    2. nahhh she will 100% end up with the judge, judge have more screentime and scenes with her, she has feelings for him, he has feelings for her, plus the man FL has the most scenes with is who she ends up with in 99% of kdramas. second male is just to make the judge jealous and act, the actor is the judge’s neighbor for a reason, seeing her up close with another man is messing him up

      1. bruh its kdrama u have no fucking proof the actor is going to end up with her because in every fucking kdrama the anoying one is the main lead and for your fucking opinion the movie is just starting and the the rest of the eps the person who is going to have the most screen time with her is the actor so the actor is most likely to be with her…
        (i’m sorry if i’m rude im just mad because i ship the actor and her together im just so fucking sad because the look of it the judge is going to end up with her in my opinion and nvmd anyways i still ship the actor together im going to fucking cry if they don’t end up together even tough it’s just a fucking drama not real life but anywaysss
        ughhhhhhhh 🙁 ;(

        1. I can bet that the FL is gonna end up with the judge. That’s how kdramas work. The judge is the main male lead here. The actor one is just gonna make him act as the previous comment stated. You can clearly see that the story is building up to make the judge and FL together. They have already started feeling for each other- the typical kdrama stuffs like getting hurt by each other words, taking care of each other, the slow motions and all. So its kinda obvious the judge will win this. Idk why most of the people are saying she is gonna end up with the actor guy.

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