Love in the Air (2022) Episode 6

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53 Comments to “Love in the Air (2022) Episode 6


  2. ngl at first I only watched this with my friend so we could make fun of it. She’s homophobic and I’m a closeted lesbian. I was really scared because i hated the idea of insulting a gay couple since it’d be the same as insulting a lesbian couple but she’s hooked on the story and little by little, I think shes accepted the lgbtq+ community.

  3. Ok so i didn’t expect this show to actually be this good but im really in hella shock rn.
    The more intimate scenes where shot so well.
    I also wanna praise the actors for their amazing skills, and making everything look so real and believable.
    All in all i think this series will go in my top 3 bl’s bc wow.
    I’ve been waiting for this series to come out for 2 months and it’s finally out i’m so happy.

    Everyone that sees my comment have a good morning evening or night what ever it is. Your all beautiful and deserve to smile <333

    1. Right?! I agree. It exceeded my expectations. The acting is convincing, though the cameraman could do a better job of hiding what is below (there’s a part during the ‘riding’ where you can actually see Payu’s pants are still on lol). Overall, absolutely brilliant. Looking forward to more episodes

  4. Oh gosh….all those’s getting more interesting. Poor Prapai got interrupted while he was having conversation with Rain about Sky. Is it only me or someone else is also excited about second couple’s story.

  5. Am too stunned to speak……just give them the award already

    as i speak i’m wet bruh…lip biting, tonguing and the little convo when riding Payu,,Rain child all hands on deck you’re not that innocent child…..DEAR LORD R.I.P replay button

    1. Please stop fetishising the actors. As a genderfluid it makes me uncomfortable and I’ve seen a lot of people from lgbtq+ community says it’s uncomfortable too. I can literally tell you’re a girl from that comment and the name. Straight girls literally ruining gay series for me and lot of people. “I get butterflies” just no. Out of all of the series you choose a gay series to comment that. Be ashamed of yourself ffs.

      1. babe it was a sex scence ofc ppl are gunna find it hot? is she wrote that on a straight show u woudn’t have a problem… also straight girls can find gay shows cute or hot just like I, a lesbian, find bl and straight shows hot- there is a line between fetishization and interest that you don’t seem to be aware of

      2. I understand your mad but just because someone says they liked the sex scene or said they have butterflies in there stomach doesn’t mean there fetishizing the actors.
        Just because you are gender fluid doesn’t mean you have the right to take any Gay series away from non gender fluid people. You can’t gatekeep something that isn’t yours too gatekeep, or does it have your name on it.
        I’m honestly not here to disrespect you at all i just think that your disrespecting other people by saying thinks like that. You could if just ignored that comment and gone on with your life without making problems but it seems like these days humans can’t do anything without getting judged but that goes for both gender fluids and non gender fluids.

      3. Bl are make for straight women, that’s literally why the genre was created for, so i don’t know what to tell you. Watch something else then.

      4. bruv what? straight or not, everyone is watching the series for their own enjoyment. If it makes you uncomfortable, then don’t read them, everyone is allowed to express themselves so you making that comment was irrelevant…. Respectfully.
        fetishising the actors is wrong I agree with that part

      5. My my ! who hurt you? people enjoy the series and have fantasies, so what? get a grip, you don’t like the comments, don’t read, especially when you know there will be a lot of comments like that, you have no right to decide on people’s behalf what they like or don’t. you don’t get to control how they feel, or command them how to write based on your own convivence

      6. why are you hating on the commenters? if you know that there will be a lot of comments like that, why are you bothering yourself by reading them? and what does your gender have to do with it? it’s not only the straight women who “get butterflies” and other good feelings from watching the series. the series is beautiful and hot, there is nothing wrong with that and definitely nothing wrong with expressing their feelings

      7. Honestly whether it’s 2 guys, 2 girls or a girl and a guy, ahot scene will evoke arousal so maybe take a chill pill Sir-Mam Righteous. Also, you can just stop reading the comments if it bothers you that much. Outchea looking for trauma mxm

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