Marriage Lyrics For Divorce Music (2021) Episode 16

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3 Comments to “Marriage Lyrics For Divorce Music (2021) Episode 16

  1. Unless there is a Season 2, this is the dumbest of all endings. Seriously. So what are we to conclude?

    1. The best of men WILL cheat? Not so! However, the best of men CAN end up cheating, because everybody that plays with fire, gets burned. Conclusion? Run before the flicker turns into a flame that burns your life down.
    2. Those who counsel about staying faithful may be speaking from experience. They burned the house down already; and the aftermath isn’t worth it. Better listen.
    3. The worst of cheaters are those that pretend to love their wives “excessively.” Hypocrites. Of the four cheating men (including the one at the end whose “chicken came home to roost”), the most disgusting to me is the psychologist “super husband.” Besides his sick relationship with the woman who raised him from 7 years old, he is a professional player, even playing his own wife. His buying the mistress the same cologne his wife wears so she will always think what she smells on him is her own scent says he is an experienced player. Slick and sick. He’s the one I would most like to see hanging by his privates.
    4. The days of honorable men and women respecting the institute of marriage are over. The aftermath of affairs are broken children strewn all over the landscape, waiting to repeat what they learned and destroy the lives of yet another generation.

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