Mojin: The Secret Coffin (2022)


Although Cao Shun is a descendant of a Mojin, his father never taught him any skills. In the village, he has no skills under his belt and lived as a glib full of deceit. One day, an evil man entered the village and picked Cao Shun, a descendant of a Mojin, to help him find a mysterious treasure. If he refused, he would kill the village. Cao Shun had to bite the bullet and disguise himself as a senior Mojin, and went into a real tomb with a group of people…

Director: Wu Yingxiang

Also known as: mo jin zhi gui guan fu jun


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Genres: ,

One Comment to “Mojin: The Secret Coffin (2022)”

  1. Straigtforward storytelling without complex characters or any twists or turns. Watchable adventure. Very sipmle and enjoyable. Good to pass some time if you have any.

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