Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area (2022) Episode 1

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20 Comments to “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area (2022) Episode 1

  1. with all due respect, this is no close to the original series. they just took the concept and made a korean version of it. it would look more better if they did it a little more like the original version.

    1. then there is no point watching a korean version if you already know the original story. You will just be watching a replay.

  2. 8 minutes in, graphic violence, obscene language, sexual content, AND outrageously false depiction of both North and South Korea. Watch at your own risk. I highly advise passing on this one.

    1. Nah, the series is great. I advise someone who has not watched the original to watch it. But if you have watched the original, I don’t think if you will think that it is fun, considering most of the background stories are similar to the original.

    2. Mind to explain where they got the description of North and South Korea wrong? If it’s the BTS part: There is music and kdramas being illegally transferred and sold to North Korea. North Korea also has prison camps. Probably the only thing I saw as a little inaccurate was how well the female soldiers from the North were, as it’s known that they’re often underweight due to hunger and military practices, but also dirty as they don’t get to bath and wash that well. Also after jointing the economy, Tokyos storyline was surprisingly realistic as it’s common for immigrants to have to rely on s-work and crime.

      Also, the age restriction is 16+ (at least where I live), and it takes after the original La casa de Papel which was a lot more graphic, so I don’t understand why you’re complaining that the content is graphic. Do you think it’s too graphic? Then don’t watch it, and watch a 14+ age-restricted show instead.

        1. You must be new to kdramas then, because in fact like 99 percent of them do restrict graphic content. The literally blur out sharp weapons and blood in their shows. In comparison to western shows they in fact do appear extremely wholesome in comparison. You do know that only shows in netflix are the exception only because netflix is in fact not korean and american right?

      1. The person doesn’t have to explain. When something is claimed and is shown to not be true in front of them, then one can say it is false. People from that country know better than you. If someone claims that All Americans eat only burgers I don’t have to go into detail or explain why it is obviously false. It is not surprising that you are ignorant as you get all your facts from Hollywood movies and fake news propaganda and wikipedia LOL. And no, BTS is not popular in north Korea. Also snake oil peddlers of illegal contraband coming form the south is entirely subversion of the south and not because of north Korean demand, you moron, as proof is in the fact that it rarely happens. BTW all countries have prison camps. And the female soldier thing coming from you is so untrue I don’t even know where you get your retarded info from, probably wikipedia. LOL

        First, I don’t think the depiction of south korea is wrong as south korea is very degenerate and lags behind US in its degeneracy since the westernization of the south is completely eroding its cultural identity (specifically through entertainment). However, that is not the case in north korea. You also seem oblivious that this is netflix. A US company. The korean shows on it are more westernized than the ones that play on their national networks. So they are trying to be more graphic and sexual. Lots of korean people north AND even the south want to protect the moral integrity of the country so age restrictions mean nothing and are arbitrary and can be manipulated to further corrupt the country. The point is they don’t want that trend or crap in their society to grow and care not about age restrictions. It is entirely legitimate for that person to warn other people of graphic and violent shows as it is a very recent trend in korea and not the norm. Not everyone around the globe worships anal pride and evil tranny kid molestations like globohomo America and Europe.

        Lastly, The most stupid comment and logic yet from you is saying because original show is graphic that he/she has no right to complain about graphic content? The point, you moron, is that they don’t want a graphic and sexual shows period. Also, the point of this remake is to make their own version and I watched the original and this one does not start at all like original. SO if they are already changing things in this show to be different then that could easily apply to graphic and violent content too idiot. AS A MATTER OF FACT they already did. There was a korean prison show based on a brittish show. Korean one had no sexual graphic content, yet brittish one had lots. SO you argument goes down the toilet.

        1. There are lots of Korean shows with lots of sexual graphic content. And particularly this show is not even aired on any Korean TV. JUST NETFLIX.

  3. At the beginning, the woman is listening to BTS DNA Song.❤She is a North Korean BTS Army.😂There is also a news about BTS.Wow! Nice😁

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