Mother of Mine


Park Sun Ja (Kim Hae Sook) runs a small beep soup restaurant and has three daughters, who are now adults. Her oldest daughter Mi Sun (Yoo Seon) is married and has a child. She works hard and takes care of her family. Second daughter Mi Ri (Kim So Yeon) is very confident and hardworking. She falls in love with her colleague, Tae Joo, who actually is the youngest son of the family that owns the company.The youngest daughter Mi He (Kim Ha Kyung) was once a budding writer, but now she helps her mother run the restaurant.

Also known as:세상에서 제일 착한 내 딸 / Sesangeseo Jeilchakhan Naeddal / My Daughter Who is the Prettiest in the World / My Daughter is the Kindest / My Daughter is the Prettiest in the World / My Prettiest Daughter In The World


Status: Ongoing

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10 Replies to “Mother of Mine

  1. I started watching this before I knew you could find out ahead of time how many episodes is planned. This one has 100 plus episodes. I have learned by bad experience that ALL, bare NONE, 100-episode dramas are boring. Very. If you have ever listened to people try to tell you something, break in with back story, bog you down with minutia, wander off topic, and blather on and on until your eyes roll back in your head, then you have an idea of what you are in for with a drama that takes 50 plus hours to tell its story. Save your viewing time for better options. If it takes 50 hours to tell…it will be a dud. Count on it.

  2. Ohhhh….this is one of the best drama series I’ve watched. Complete with mixed emotions – joy, sadness, anger, hope, anxiety, motherhood, rejection, first love, betrayal….you name it, this drama has all. I can’t wait for each new episode to find out what’s gonna happen next to the 3 sisters, their mums and families. Will Tae-Ju ever have Mi-Ri by his side? Will Woo-Ji open up to Mi-Hye?

  3. Mi-Ri and Tae-Ju are a perfect match: smart, good-looking, good people, and very much in love with each other. Bitterness, anger, revenge should not consume an intelligent character like Mi-Ri. The pairing of Mi-Ri and Tae-Ju should be developed in such a way that the writer should show that the younger generation is sensible enough to overcome the greed and all-consuming ambition of Mi-Ri’s birth mother and the misplaced values of Tae-Ju’s father.
    Mi-Hye, on the other hand should be developed into a maturing character, especially since she’s a writer and should act with more sense than that who mimics a giddy teenager.
    Mi-Sun should dump that husband who has no redeeming qualities at all while she herself should stop acting with self-pity.
    Sun-Ja is great – a well-developed character who can act.

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