Mouse (2021) Episode 1

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8 Comments to “Mouse (2021) Episode 1

  1. One of the best drama series of 2021. Much better than Squid Game. I watched twice.

    Regarding the scenes with kid actors, they do not need to know the story plot in order to act. Kids actors are often told the information about how the character is feeling in the scene. These knives are fake. Not like US where real guns and weapons were used in movies and TV dramas! Also, the knives and bloody scenes are all blurred out. And the actors were discussing in the “behind the scene” episode some of the supposed to be “cruel scenes”, they actually used some stuffed animals.

    Viewers often think the show’s shootings happen in the sequence, but the reality is not. They may take some scenes for the final episodes at the beginning with the scenes from the first episode etc.

    1. I agree with you. I personally believe that the children shouldn’t see such drama, nonetheless act in one! it could have impact over their mindset. I liked the plot. but wished in the last scene the kid didn’t have to hold the knife!

      A horrible movie for children, but attractive plot for viewer!

      1. well..if you see that kid is big enough like he is 13-14 yrs old and know what is right and what is wrong… well he at-least knows the type of drama he is working in
        i myself being a 15yr old watching this drama knows that what is write and what is wrong even tho i am not saying that I am 100% educated about the shittiness of the world

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