Mouse (2021) Episode 8

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11 Comments to “Mouse (2021) Episode 8

  1. i think ba reum is head hunters son, and he may have been swapped or adopted by another family. head hunters wife maybe took in the other baby who was thought to be a psycopath too. ba reum was the killer from the start of the fingers and cross case , since he got his head injured he can’t remember but its coming back to him, he may have a personality disorder as he goes to psycopath to being a good cop and he doesn’t remeber.

  2. It’s irritating watching the cops violating laws and rights, pointing gun at an unarmed person and such, without consequences and still allowed to remain on the job. Putting a gun to someone’s head who’s barely even conscious to squeeze a confession out of him is ineffective and abusive. Sure the murderers are awful, but stop playing judge, jury, and prosecutor. Almost every kdrama murder mystery shows I’ve seen so far try hard to normalize police brutality. That is insanity to me.

    1. Agree, especially that one scene where detective.ko was still a kid and the other grown ass detective was forcing him to remeber the murders face. It was really annoying to watch

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