Mr. Queen (2020) Episode 11

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24 Comments to “Mr. Queen (2020) Episode 11

  1. Court lady choi never failed me laugh so hardddd everytime she’s stressed because of the queen HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  2. What is your problem y’all? Why look for subtitles when it is clearly said that the episode is fcking “RAW” You should be thanking this site because it gives you free drama updates. But here you are, cursing the site because it doesn’t give Eng Sub right away. You need to know that those editors and Eng Subtitles encoder has life too . You should wait your ass off, you’re getting into my nerves. JUST PLEASE BE THANKFUL FOLKS!!

    1. You’re totally right!!!! Whenever there is RAW on the ep. you should’ve to wait or just watch the next day.

  3. Y’all keep asking where’s the subtitle, can’t you just wait for the final update? They’re trying their best to translate the episodes yet some of you aren’t grateful enough. If they released the “raw” episode then wait for the final one and do not ask where’s the subtitle because it is still “RAW”.

    Ps. They upload the final about 5 hours after the RAW

    1. yk translating something from korean to english that has over 1 hour is hard. thats why it takes a long time. you can’t expect them to be done in 10 minutes.

    2. I’m also impatient for subtitles but of course it will take time. Someone has to write them out, like captions on YouTube. Subtitles don’t just appear magically

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