Mr. Queen (2020) Episode 16

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45 Comments to “Mr. Queen (2020) Episode 16

  1. Okay, someone tell me is this drama similar to Go Princess Go the Chinese drama I haven’t watched it yet, but after watching this and enjoying it so much I think I need to put it on my watch list.

  2. looking forward to the next 4 episodes. I was thinking that ep 16 would be the end. I love that am learning both about the past and the “future”/present in Korea.

  3. Hahahah, I laughed so hard, can’t believe our Mr Queen is finally pregnant. This is so fun to watch. I love this show so much

  4. Omfghaggsggwgggssk she’s pregnant!!! I can’t wait for next week it’s too good. Ughh I’m addictied😩😧

  5. Lots of love from Bhutan..thank you for mentioning our country and our king πŸ‡§πŸ‡Ή
    Can’t wait for the next episodes..been watching this drama from day 1 😁

  6. For anyone who hasn’t watched this episode yet.. be careful!


    1. Sorry everyone , but did anyone get curious bout what the kind said, what if jang bong and the king both are in a coma or something, and they are having this mutual dream. The story is just too perfect to be true… the directors better not make this theory right…

  7. Wah you guys are so fast at up[loading kdramas with eng sub. I love it . Thanks for uploading Mr Queen Latest episode.

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