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48 Comments to “Mr. Queen (2020) Episode 20

  1. Thanks dramacool for adding eng subs. Awesome well balanced kdrama had me lol, reaching for the tissues and on the edge of my seat biting my nails, ticks all boxes.
    Should of had an extra 20 seconds with those 2 dowagers meeting up when sent to the west palace at the ending, it so would of been funny. ;P

  2. SIMPLY THE BEST KOREAN MOVIE!!!…Each episode left me speechless and craving for more…it was a splendid mixture of comedy, romance ,history, tragedy…and it had a wonderful ending!!!

  3. Thanks dramacool for this amazing drama. I was a bit sad that the king never knew that the queen was potrayed by two different people but i guess everyone had to return to their place eventually so in the end, it makes sense

  4. One of the best kdramas – well written, exceptionally acted, amazingly produced! I just finished all episodes and now I am off to rewatching it! Now, I can just enjoy viewing it and fast forward to the parts where the king and queen are flirting, the queen interacting with her maids, and the queen cooking.

    In between, I read up on the real king and queen, and the king died young, supposedly poisoned. Their baby also lived only for a little over 6 months 🙁

  5. Dramacool, I don’t know if you know or condone this, but my screen is showing a lot of porn sites or “personal message” sites. As much as I love watching on Dramacool, I am not going to put my self or my future in jeopardy because these sites are popping up on Dramacool. This is not cool. Please monitor and remove these invasive ads. They reduce your quality and reputation. Yes, I know I have the choice to move if I don’t like it, but I am happy with Dramacool. Or wish to remain happy with Dramacool. Here’s hoping y’all will do the best for your viewers.

    Also, many kudos to the Subber(s) who not only did a good job, but a great professional job of subbing and getting each episode out so fast./ You are really good. Thank you.

  6. I still want the queen (jang bong hwan) to stay until the end which the king really fell inlove with and not the queen kim so yong 😭 but still relieve that it did had a happy ending.

  7. Thanks for perfect ending TVN
    And thanks for your subtitles ❤️
    I dun wanna say g’bye TrueBeauty and Mr.Queen T_T

  8. nice ending!
    It was so powerful to realize that the modern-day-guy left her body and she returned to her body (20:48) with the King completely in love with her and her position secured (almost, they needed to survive & they still needed to save the day).
    The modern-day-guy who entered her body did the Queen a HUGE service by keeping her alive (after she jumped in the lake), making the king fall for her and revealing that she saved him when they were younger (not to mention loads of other things).
    It’s an amazing ending aswell because the Queen the King loves, is not her.
    The king will never know, however, the Queen knows the modern-day-guy was in her body, so she has all those memories.
    Such a beautiful story!

  9. I don’t understand the ending much because of subtitle issues…. But I guess all ends well. Jang woke from his comma and absolved from his problems…. And so Yong returned to her body…. What I don’t get is how he time traveled and become Queen Cheorin?

  10. Great ending. I’m going to miss the entire cast. I truly wish they could do a modern version where all the characters get to meet Jang Bong-Hwan and have a blast, especially Kim So-Yong. She would love him.

  11. One of the greatest Korean drama that ive watched!! I almost wanted to pull the days to Saturday and Sunday so i can watch this drama! Well done guys! 🙂 TNX TVN

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