Mr. Queen (2020) Episode 3

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31 Comments to “Mr. Queen (2020) Episode 3

    1. Keep your prejudice to yourself. If you don’t like it just don’t watch. Don’t expect others to change anything just to fit your taste. Grow up.

    2. You should learn to keep offensive comments to yourself. You might not like something but not everything needs to be said. Dont watch it if you dont like it.

    1. the guy is an adopted son of her uncle, hence became her step-cousin? but had a secret crush on her his whole life and finally confessed the night before her marriage…they don’t have a single drop of blood relation, so nothing wrong there lol that sums it up

  1. I’m very eager to continue watching the drama. Can’t wait for the English subtitles to drop. Team Dramacool, fighting!❤

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