My Country: The New Age Episode 16

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9 Comments to “My Country: The New Age Episode 16

  1. This is by far one of the few best Sageuk drama I’ve seen. It’s action packed, and the storyline though similar to other historical based drama that I’ve watched is captivating, making me want to finish it in one go. All the actors played their respective roles brilliantly and delivered well up end though heart wrenching.

  2. Such a beautiful drama…I’ve never into sword fighting or violence in anything i watched but this one made me glued to my screen and waited eagerly for each episode. Good work to all the crew and the actors, most specially my favorite Jang Hyuk, very nice and convincing acting everyone ???

    1. I recommend Six Flying Dragons

      After watching this
      Six Flying Dragons is still the best

      It revolves on the same time but earlier before the new country was born

      Main character is Bang Won

      Best of the best. Trust me

      If you want more suggestions from me regarding dramas like this
      Feel free to message me

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