My Country: The New Age


The story is set during the Goryeo period and revolves around two friends who became enemies because of a misunderstanding. They both try to protect their country and their loved ones in their own way.

As the son of a famous general, Seo Hwi (Yang Se Jong) has a strong sense of justice and holds a smile even if his life devolves into a hellish existence. Meanwhile, Nam Sun Ho (Woo Do Hwan) is an intelligent and talented man, but he is looked  down by people because his mother is of lowly descent.

Also known as: 나의 나라 / My Nation / Naui Nara


Broadcast period: 2019-Oct-04 to 2019-Nov-23
Air time: Fridays & Saturdays 22:50


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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14 Replies to “My Country: The New Age

  1. Daebeak!!!!!!! Awesome Drama of the Year.

    – Great Script – a revamp on the never-ending stories of the founding Fathers of the Joesen Dynasty.
    – Great and Talented Cast Members – Everyone brings 100% to the table, both old, seasoned and fairly new.
    – Great [playout] = Makes you feel their pain, their strife, the ache and their story from the heart.

    Awesome! Awesome!! Awesome!!!

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