My Fellow Citizens Episode 1

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5 Comments to “My Fellow Citizens Episode 1

  1. Arrrggg! Can somebody teach the subbers the correct use of who and whom? Getting it wrong constantly is annoying. Quick clue…substitute “he” for who and “him” for whom. If it sounds stupid, you have the wrong usage. For example, saying “Whom is the best actor?”…is the grammar equivalent of saying “Him is the best actor.” Goofy, right? Since it would be “He” is the best actor, the correct word would be Who, NOT whom!

    1. Can somebody tell to this person that he/she have no right to demand anyhing because he/she does not pay any cents to the translator.. and he/she should be grateful to have the trans … and if he/she wants to have a perfect trans then do it by her/his self..


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