My Liberation Notes (2022) Episode 16

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14 Comments to “My Liberation Notes (2022) Episode 16

  1. Really loved this kdrama, but the first 10 episodes were a lot better than the last 6. Idk what that ending was

  2. They finally got liberated! It is one of my top 5 fav dramas. Best drama of this year. What a slice of life it was! Couldn’t relate more to this amazing master-piece.

  3. what an amazing drama! I love open endings and this one is so meaningful…liberation for each and one of them

  4. As accustomed as I have become to open-ended Korean drama conclusions, I must say that this drama definitely deserved more episodes! It is good to leave the audience wanting more rather than wanting it to have ended four episodes ago, but I would have really appreciated something slightly more..conclusive. Perhaps that was the point.

  5. Already missing them badly
    Literally loved it
    Every dialogue I had to pause and fell in love with the words
    So meaningful

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