My Teenage Girl (2021) Episode 12

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One Comment to “My Teenage Girl (2021) Episode 12”

  1. Classy are finally debuting with Their mini album on 5th of may . I watched so many shorts and video of this show that i wanted to watch it sll by myself before them debuting and it worth it to watch. The last ep was sad but itade me happy that seven of them could debut from this show.! I am cheering for them and rooting for the one who were disqualified. They’ll be disqualified in this show but not in my heart. Its regrettable to see those wjo i adore a lot disqualifying. It literally breaks my heart ! I wish they all can debut soon too. Yu yeon mihee choi yoon jung hyun hee and literally so many more of them were amazing. They were literally perfect i hope they wont loose their hope and can do whatever they dreamed of!
    I happy but i am also sad♥️😂🤧🥺

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