Mystic Pop-Up Bar Episode 2

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4 Comments to “Mystic Pop-Up Bar Episode 2

  1. Hwang Jung Eum (Cast of Kill Me Heal Me) and Yook SungJae (Cast of Goblin)… match partner!! im curious about the next eps…

  2. honestly have so much love for this drama im waiting for ep 3 i started watching this drama 18 mins after it came out

  3. Omg I love it. It is gettng better and beter. Looking forward to the next episode.
    I am glad Yook Sung Jae took this project. He fits the role.
    I did cried a bucket on this episode, but I had a feeling this will not be the last. Each episode has its own story from their customers. Looking forward to see those story and how they unveiled.
    Finally, a comedy minus romance that still brings warm feeling to the audiences.
    Great cast….. ?

  4. this ep made cry a lot , i can’t wait to found out the secret behind the protagonist of the story

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