Nakark Kaew (Glass Mask)


Natda and Lookkaew are two girls who have almost nothing in common. Lookkaew is a beautiful but spoiled daughter of the owner of a beauty clinic. Natda is an ordinary girl with an unremarkable appearance. The two get involved with each other due to a car accident. After the accident, Lookkaew falls into a coma, and Natda loses her memory. Taking advantage of Natda’s amnesia, Lookkaew’s mother has a doctor perform plastic surgery on her, turning her into an exact copy of her daughter. In this way, she attemps to keep Lookkaew’s engagement with rich man Rath, who shortly before the accident, catches his bride cheating on him. What she doesn’t expect is that Rath and Natda will really fall in love with each other.

Also known as:Glass Mask , Nahkark Kaew, หน้ากากแก้ว


Status: Completed

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