Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho Season 2


Based on the popular webtoon “Dongnebyunhosa Jodeulho”, this drama tells the story of  Jo Deul ho (Park Shin Yang), who was a prosecutor became a lawyer. Now he is unemployed because his license is revoked for a short time. However, he will not be left in peace.


Also known as:My Lawyer, Mr. Jo (Season 2): Crime and Punishment


Status: Completed

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Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho Season 2 trailer


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  1. Seeing Go Hyun Jung (She is one of my fave actress after what’s up fox) in this drama and then decided to watch… her matured-acting has elevated the story onto another level… even if the storyline somehow quite similar to RETURN (I have only seen eps 1-4 so far)… BUt never the least… I think this drama will be a good one to watch

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