Nevertheless (2021) Episode 10

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69 Comments to “Nevertheless (2021) Episode 10

  1. I see people in the comments saying how much they liked the ending because of its proximity to reality, but can we just acknowledge that even IRL these kinda relationships do not last? It will be a cycle “breaking up” and “getting back together” brought on by miscommunication (and even the lack of communication) on the ML’s part and feeling pathetic and insecure on the FL’s side until they have exhausted any feelings of goodwill between them and hate each other. Anyway, I came and stayed for SolJiwon and loved every minute they were on screen.

  2. Do we need reason to be playfull before we meet the ONE…. I don’t need that reason… If they’re playful yes they are playfully since beginning, the importance is who are they now, isn’t it’s good because character grow to be better time to time, do we still need a reason behind bad behavior? To get sympathy or to get attention… It’s lame for me..

  3. Pak jae yheon the main character guy remain mysterious until the end.. I really don’t know if he really a f*ck boy or not, and it’s didn’t justify that he regret everything in the past.

    But I’m still happy that they get together until the end… ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Well I liked the drama but tbh not very much satisfied with the story.. It felt incomplete specially from the male leads end.. I mean there were so many issues going on b/w both the leads, so many problems that were needed to be addressed but nothing happened.i felt like the role and backstory of male lead was less as compare to female lead. We didn’t git yo see much about how and why he was like that. He never explained why he did all that to the female lead. Overall I felt it was a bit incomplete story

  5. For real everytime i saw someone talk about this drama they were like “Never watch it” “the ending is so bad” “how could she choose that jerk over potato guy” “Im dissapointed” and now everyone is happy cuz she choosed Jaeeon??? WTF

  6. This drama was a rollercoaster, I really liked it and i’m sad that it already ended. Unlike most people i don’t think Jae Eon is such a monster, he was actually kind to everyone, and he never did anything that NaBi didn’t agreed to, and yeah, he’s toxic in some ways, and he made a lot of mistakes, but nobody in this drama was supposed to be perfect, because nobody in real life is, everyone makes mistakes sometimes, we get jealous, hurt other people’s feelings, we’re selfish, and when we realize it, all we can do is work on ourselves and try to be a better person day by day. The same goes for NaBi’s lack of self-confidence.
    They’re relationship started in a terrible time for both of them, that’s one of the reasons it went the way it did, but since they already love each other and decided to try again, it can go right if they really try to learn from their mistakes, go to therapy, and fix they own personal problems. Also, they’re in their early twenties, nobody has everything figured in this period of life, so yeah, they’ll have a lot of time to grown.
    NaBi clearly likes Do Hyeok as a friend, plus she felt like she needed to be “perfect” to be with him, no matter how kind he’s to her, she isn’t obligated to fall for him, it’s not her fault. ​I’m happy that she didn’t end up with him, I hope he’ll find someone who loves him back. Aaaaand, nobody can deny that the main couple chemistry was insane, and they gave us all the kissing we wish we had seen in the older kdramas lol

  7. I finished this drama in two days haha it’s not one of my favorites but i kinda liked it and I’m satisfied with the ending too i was getting anxious when i saw that a few minutes are left and they haven’t even met yet but but relief flooded through me when they finally met but the ending would’ve been a lot better if the ML had explained why he is the he is was there smth in the past or smth else so his behavior could be a little justificable anyways every character was nice i enjoyed it even tho it was boring??

  8. i’m so reliebed that na-bi and jae-on ended up being together. i was already crying when the drama was near the end, but i like the ending. would have definately been a little better if it had 16 episodes.

  9. ik some of y’all are mad about the ending but i kinda get it, their relationship isnt supposed to be super perfect its supposed to be messy like this, and tbh potato boy is doing great w the business deal n everything so idk its better than stringing him along when she likes jae-eon, anyways sol and jiwan are the reason i watched this anyway so im glad they ended up together<3 they're the cutest

  10. i liked the kdrama and how realitic it was but i just think the ending is not right i know ppl may not agree with this but in my opinion their relationship was on the wrong moment there were too many unsolved issues in my opinion and i just think the ending would’ve been right if they were to solve their own issues before they began with their relationship

  11. For me, the ending was bitter-sweet. Although I am a fan of happy endings, I feel that was not the case here, there seem to be a lot of unresolved issues. The male lead kind of admitted that he was playing with her feelings but never gave reasons why he behaved like that, like if there was trauma behind it and I felt that Nabi was too obsessed with him

    1. I don’t think he played with her feeling because after meeting her he never dated any girl but always cared for her.
      It was his past that hurt her. And he loved her from begining but he couldn’t admit it because of his past.

  12. wait,how about the girl that have the same lighter??n we actually dont know that songkang is the real playboy or not …n one more thing is it real that have les in this dramaaaa ..lighfbksgjhdfgdh wtfff

  13. I really like happy ending regardless what some nasty comments. In reality,we always follow what are heart wants. The main cast have all the chemistry, body language eye contact and the emotions they give in every lines. Look how they kiss each other and touched, you can say they truly love each other both off and on screen. Yes both felt the butterflies. And if you watched how they give justice to the scene where both of them were in pain, super great no need for over acting but the emotions they gave hit viewers as well. SONG KANG TEARY EYES shows deep pain and Na-bi when she cried,damn so.simple but you really felt the true emotion of a person who was in pain because of love. All characters where portrayed well and I really gives 10 out of 10 for all the cast. Hope we will have season 2.

  14. I am satisfied with the ending. I love Jae-Bi at last the ending is favorable. This series was so hot because of them.
    One of my favourite dramas…love you both Main Cast and supporting.

  15. I really like the ending to this drama. I love how close it is to modern-day reality in relationships. I know that many people were disappointed in the ending, but it’s Nabi’s choice on who she wants to date. We as viewers can’t dictate that. Nabi and Do-hyeok just didn’t really provide any chemistry towards me in a romantic sense, I just see them as good friends. I really like all of the side character’s relationships. Overall I give this drama a good 9/10. I just wish there were more episodes to it.

  16. I personally loved the ending because it shows you the reality of people who may want something but the trauma keeps holding them back (destructive survival ways).This does show the power of love and how you can still love a person fully aware of who they are rather than pretending and lying to yourself that, by just being with them -they will change. Sometimes, its okay to walk away from the bullshit and sometimes its okay to stay depending on the situation you are in.

  17. Finally I can see song Kang ending up with a girl unlike love alarm the ending deserve kudos so deep in thought and too emotional realy love n root for d drama feel like crying again??????happy for jaebi

  18. i despite the fact that i was stressed out of her desicions, i wish the drama was a little longer. like 16 episodes maybe.
    over all this drama was hot! glad it didn’t end up like love alarm?

  19. I don’t know why are people saying that the ending was stupid and the show basically became hit cause of other side characters then let me correct you that Jae-eon already fall in love at first sight with Nabi, but he couldn’t accept it earliar, cause he doesn’t believe in fate and all. And you all can’t deny that it’s Nabi’s choice who she wants to be with and at the day it’s her happiness that matters. Jaebi chemistry was OTT. Do-hyeok and Nabi didn’t look good together at all.
    Those potato shippers, say what you want to say,
    It won’t change the fact that
    Jaebi is ENDGAME!!!

  20. Why there is no Xtreamcdn server pleaseee put in here plssss. Always put Xtreamcdn server in every drama. Plsss

  21. I loved this kdrama because of its closeness to reality. From the beginning i was surprised cuz you can’t see the walking red flag main character often..but the end broke my heart? I’m not saying it was a bad ending, but still i felt like it needed something more specific and real.❤️(and i lived for other couples?)

  22. Everyone was here mainly for the support characters and then there is me jaebi support. I was watching it mainly for themmm. Ahhh i love how finally got Song Kang his happy ending.AAA im going to cry again

  23. The mains character were wayyyy to boring becz of the same stupid things repeating. Well they didn’t even show who did that to her piece and what was that at the end? that nabi lookin at do heyeok like that. I mean that was sus. This ep was so fucked up but still like they’re acting. Just the storyline was bad and ofcrs soljiwan and other side couples saved this drama. I came to watch this becz of soljiwan. I mean the screentime for them was so short they could have give us more of their content. Anyways this drama is popular becz of soljiwan. Thats true. No one can deny that!

    1. I can deny that. It may be true for some people, but others very much appreciated the rareness of realism in the main storyline

      1. i was here 4 the potato boy. i am felling bad 4 him. the nabi is so selfish. i think every girl fall 4 the wrong guy. wish i could change the last episode. they should have show the potato boy as the bad guy / villan but the fact that the potato guy is sweet and kind not only to nabi but also for her friends, makes me feel angry. he so fucking perfect for that bitch nabi. here the season 2 i want NEVERTHELESS;LAST EPISODE MAKE ME SO CRING., NEVETHELESS; POTATO BOY KILLED BOTH OF THEM. , NEVETHELESS; POTATO BOY ROCK. , NEVERTHELESS;NABI CHANGE 3 BOY BEFORE HER CURRENT BOYFRIEND.if the production house want the season 2 story of nevertheless, contact me.

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