Nevertheless (2021) Episode 3

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33 Comments to “Nevertheless (2021) Episode 3

  1. the director really knows the art of side couples T T omggg i love themmm !! And boi if that wasnt the spiciest episode of the series id be damned! I was really not vibing with the main lead because all i could see were red flags everywhere and i was upsed about how na-bi ignored all of them … or maybe … no … I think she is just really naive. But I ended up understanding a bit more about this strange addiction that they have going on here so its lit. Anyways athank you so much for giving me a new example of what could possibly be love. Still think they wouldnt last two years in real life but its always cool to dream a bit!

  2. This is definitely my new comfort drama – I know there’s a lot of things that haven’t been covered yet and there will most likely be a few hardships coming… but they’re so damn adorable together!

  3. It will not let watch the drama even thought I keep reloading it the page I wanna watch the 3 episode

    1. their is another website is its like this one they upload every saturday the new episodes

  4. i hate him vc even if he’s just playing around and flirting and not being serious at all, he’s honest about it and all the rest. he never lied about what’s he planned to do, in the end everything just seems like we’re paranoiac. song kang is doing such a good job with the smooth talk, and han soo hee delivers all the sentiments when trying to run away, but again seeing herself trapped in hes kindness, i’m really seeing myself in her character ?
    thank u for uploading nevertheless, i’m enjoying it very much ❤️

  5. I already read the webtoon but this is of those drama in which their acting is beyond expectations, they must be so close to be able to perform those kind of scenes but it’s really beautiful ❤️❤️

  6. I was waiting for soo long I mean they literally update episode on 3am in morning on Sunday but they mentioned to upload at 9pm Saturday Korean time which is 5:30pm Saturday as per Indian time

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