Nevertheless (2021) Episode 4

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42 Comments to “Nevertheless (2021) Episode 4

  1. Idk why y’all don’t want Nabi to end up Jae-eon I mean yeah he has red flags and all but still, they look so fucking adorable and cute together and I can’t help but wish that they end up together and that Nabi doesn’t end up with that friend from 10 years ago….

  2. i may not know anything about sculpting but she has done NOTHING to that sculpture since the series started wtf has she been doing the whole time bro

  3. i don’t undestand why but i want na-bi to end up with the friend from 10 years ago. he seems so much bettttttttter!!!!

  4. From 1st to 4th episodes well done and though a lot intimacy but it is done with a great taste. Not one line each characters wasted. Love how the writer and director did. Really got hook with this drama. Only 4 episodes but you will learn some lessons here,especially for young generation. Waiting for the next episode and hopefully until the end of this drama will be worth watching. Thank you and goodluck.

    1. SAME! Even that couple who had to kiss on Nabi’s house while playing and Nabi found them making out was super cute! The only couple who I wish were not together is Nabi and Jae-Eon. I mean, they have great chemistry and look super adorable but it won’t end well 🙁

  5. her mind become blank around him XD
    can”t wait for the ep 5
    their bond gonna be much stronger than before now woohoo

  6. its tricky the male lead is likeable so is the new guy from 10 years and she seems genuinely happy with both . stil i would want the male lead though he is so mysterious and seems like a whole player.

  7. this is soo mysterious……………………. ahhhhhh,,,,,,,, i cant stay patient anymore… i am falling for butterflies now.

  8. I bet that men hit him because he must have had something with a woman of his. Maybe. Hmmm. And I just hate seeing all this male characters that like Nabi appear; we know she doesn’t like them at all cause she likes the male lead. Also, he’s so confusing. Why did he say “no” when Nabi asked him if he was seeing someone else? He also sees that other girl…

  9. Dont know why, i keep thinking that Jae-eon having affair with Na-bi’s mother. Bcs firstly, Park Jae-eon met Na-bi at the same subway station. And he knew that Na-bi and her mother’s relationship is not that good

    1. You also think that way? I also keep on asking why was he there on the train station, does he even know that much…but another side of me wished that it’s not true coz we can’t get a happy ending if that’s true….

  10. this is getting soooo tangled lol. i am so anxious, why has it just one ep per week????? it’s real torture T-T

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