Nevertheless (2021) Episode 5

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26 Comments to “Nevertheless (2021) Episode 5

  1. i m quite enjoying this intriguing complexity of human emotions… all the comments before starting this series, but must say i m hooked now. i dont know about others but both the main leads are soooooo relatable. i literally feel like i know them amongst my friends…….the shy good girl wanting to feel that excitement while wanting everyone’s approval n the handsome hunk, devil-may-care attitude guy being scared but cant show………oooooooooh, i know them….i just do

  2. Na bi disgusts me. From one guy to another. Girl, aren’t you tired?. Seriously this movie is starting to piss me off. And I am sure I don’t need to say the person pissing me off…

    1. when you are her age and only meet guys who don‘t want to commit you will also change guys quickly. that‘s how people are sadly

  3. It’s annoying to wait for a week so I decided to watch when the whe series get released. But here I am ?

  4. Ost’s are too gud..! Heart fluttering..!
    Somehow Jae-oen is turning over and the story is becoming interesting..! Will be waiting for the next episode..! Great teamwork…! Looking forward..FIGHTING….!

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