Nevertheless (2021) Episode 6

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50 Comments to “Nevertheless (2021) Episode 6

  1. Honestly I get why you guys are disappointed

    But to be honest I don’t think it’s worth hurting potatoe guy for this if you get what I mean. Nabi is pretty much always gonna have some sort of feeling towards Jaeeon. And I can tell especially after this episode. Her thinking about jaeeon through a relationship with someone else will just hurt the other. And of course her feelings can change but her going back and forth like this all the time shows it wouldn’t be easy for her to forget him?‍♂️ She herself can’t be happy while knowing her feelings belong to someone else. And she seems to be more comfortable around D as friends… I’m sorry if my words don’t make sense lmao I’m pretty much half asleep rn.

    Also to all of you going around blaming Nabi quit it she’s in her early 20s confused and she’s experimenting and her decisions are up to her to decide. If she decides to stay with Butterfly guy then she can if she wants to stay with potato then that’s that and it’s all her choice. As said the heart wants what it wants

  2. So ..i don t know if i am the only one but i didn t liked this episode..i got bored watching it .i hope the next one will be better because i like this drama , it s different.The actors not so great but it s ok.

    1. right?? was a lil boring but do hyeok is cute so I guess it was so people ca starting shipping her with the second lead

  3. I understand that a lot of people are annoyed or irritated by the characters displayed but tbh I think it’s refreshing to see a drama where there are problematic figures romantically involved. Not everyone has the same mindset about love and not everyone is a gentleman. As long as there is no abusement involved and she can end the “relationship” whenever she likes, I don’t see why everybody’s hating on it. Things like this happen. And anyone can fall in love, no matter the personality or preferances

  4. We are all clearly cheering for the 2nd lead, he aint no player like Jae-on who shows no change in his personality. He ain’t shit, so girl just go out with potato boy who will treat you better or just stay solo, thats better.

    If Jae-on end up improving, good for him but i still will take time for that change to be there in the long-term but still potato boy for the win.

  5. the FL really pissing me off. She didnt listened nor did she care when others warned her abt the ML and slept with him
    and now she’s ghosting him just because another girl shows up. Like if you want to stay away from him atleast end it in a proper way. The SL gonna be her escape for the time being. watch her sleep with the ML in the next episode. im so done. Her character is the worst.


  6. this drama keeps my mind stressed because i have to wait 7 days until the next episode….but still love this drama….

  7. Srsly this girl disgusts me… How many guys now? Even prostitutes still have more dignity left than her.

      1. boys can like you and you dont have to respond to it, she clearly did not do that, that’s what the person is saying

    1. Woah… have some respect. If you are disgusted then just stop watching… no need to be insulting! She’s pretty and in her 20s… it’s normal for boys to be interested in her. Not her fault that you can’t relate

    2. Can we leave slut shaming . Watch your language . She is in her 20s and its upto her who she will take or not . Really concerns me how ur pointing fingers to the girl and not the boy who basically sleeps around .

    3. Am I even surprised that it is the main g that gets the hate and not the boy who actually is the reason for her feeling lost? I am disappointed that this comment was written by a girl about a girl (from your name), you should know better. Next time be more respectful because your choice of words reflects your personality and this comment says a lot about you.

    4. Dude just shut up . Don’t make yourself a clown thinking that what you are saying is correct and even prostitutes are human being they have emotions to so stop being a freaking female dog.

    5. Calm down babe it’s just a drama…..not fr….. And I won’t give a shit if it is for real…. It’s their lives….

    1. yeah I don’t think he will change so she just needs to move on if she decides to go back and sleeps with him the next episode I’ll be disappointed

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