Nine Kingdoms in Feathered Chaos: The Love Story (2021)


When Gu Dai, a soon-to-be graduate of Ningcheng University of Public Security, is first taken on an internship with the Criminal Investigation Police, he is involved in a series of kidnappings of writers in the name of “games” – eight suspense novelists are kidnapped overnight and disappear. When Gu Dai thinks he has deduced the mastermind behind the case, all the clues are thrown at him and he becomes the first suspect in the kidnapping case.

Director: Chen Weiqing

Also known as: suffering of love


Status: Completed

Release Year:


Nine Kingdoms in Feathered Chaos: The Love Story (2021) trailer

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  1. Real Summary: In the turmoils of Novoland, six different tribes coexist. Among them, the powerful Winged tribe upholds an absolute ban that forbids to marry a person from any other tribe. Anyone who violates this rule will be condemn to eternal torment.

    Chu Qi is a young maid of the Human tribe, who, in order to find a cure for her master, ventures in the forbidden region of the Winged tribe. There she happens to meet Feng Liang Qian, a member of the Winged tribe that has been exiled for having fallen in love with a human girl.

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