No Matter What (2020) Episode 64

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2 Comments to “No Matter What (2020) Episode 64

  1. I think that Junsoo is going to turn into the typical evil character as he marries Uhm-Pd and not Ahri, because of his parents. My guess is that they try to take the kid away. But in the end Junsoo and Ahri are going to be a happy family.

    Or the second scenario where Ahri gets miscarriage because of an accident related to Bora or Uhm-Pd. But still in the end they are going to be a happy family.

    And it’s going to be sure that Bora is going to be a evil character for the end of the series. But in the last 20 episodes she’s going to understand her true love for her sister and stop the evil acts. In the end Bora is going to marry that other dude (I don’t remember his name, but the lunchbox guy).

    I think like this since the series has about 60 episodes to go so there is a lot of episodes. And if the get married in like 8 episodes as the show promises. This drama would only have under 15 episodes left.

    1. I guess Junsoo and Ahri are going to be happy. Too much misunderstanding and jealousy in the last episodes but is fascinating to watch this drama.

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