No Matter What (2020) Episode 65

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2 Comments to “No Matter What (2020) Episode 65

  1. Now I think that Bora is going to blame Ahri that the broadcast mistake was her fault. And I think that Uhm Pd, Junsoo’s mother and Bora are going to team up in the upcoming episodes, and try to separate Ahri and Junsoo. But Ahri and Junsoo are growing more together because of that. I expect that Ahri’s father is going to accept the marriage. But when they are getting married there’s a conflict between the evil trio (as I mentioned before; Bora etc.). and Ahri and Junsoo.

    Still I think that Junsoo is going to turn into an evil person. And get married to Uhm PD, after that they try to take the kid away. But after that Junsoo is seeing how evil and awful Uhm PD is so he is starting to see Ahri in a different light.

    Wow I never thought that I have this much of an active imagination. When I have towrite stories during classes, I can’t but I can write here.

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