Our Beloved Summer (2021) Episode 6

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14 Comments to “Our Beloved Summer (2021) Episode 6

  1. I started watching this drama bcz I love the ost but actually it’s the best one so far🔥 and every single episode is worth watching💖✨

  2. Ahh 🥺 ouff this was …. Something. The drama is so good and the actors did Thier jobs perfectly and they like are so into their characters it’s so realistic and thats what makes it so nice. The songs are calming that it made me focus only on it and stop focusing or thinking on other things. I luv the lead couples and i wish them to be together again cuz they r meant to be and i want them to be. Kim dami did such an amazing acting. Both of them did. now I’m soooo into this drama that i can wait for next ep.❤️🎶😭👌🏻 wow

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