Our Beloved Summer (2021) Episode 8

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14 Comments to “Our Beloved Summer (2021) Episode 8

  1. i came here because first of all i heard this k-drama is good and because Tae made the OST (christmas tree) im obessed with the ost please his voicee and i love the story of k-drama too

  2. I just cant express my feeling towards this drama ,the way how it sarted😩😩. wooshik and dami literally rocked it they just have the most intense chemistry from the dramas I’ve seen . its just worth my time . first ever drama of wooshik I watched and he’s literally like mandu(dumpling) the way he makes his face and his expressions😭😩
    . so in love w them

  3. Yesss yessss damn 😂😂 literally idk how much i waited for this lol aahhh i am so red rn they’re so good together. And what was that in the next ep🤭 omo something is coming up😂😍 i luv this ep it was so beautiful and Romantic lol ❤️ i lowkey kinda feel bad for ji ung and NJ . NJ is one of my fav character in this drama but anyway this was it! Choi ung and yensu forever btw tae’s voice damnn😍😭🥺

    1. I can already call it.

      Woong and Yeonsu will get together.

      Jiwoong and NJ will be heart broken and lost.

      But low key I”m shipping Eunho (manager) and that other girl th3ey fit well together.

      and low key they also gotta really makee jiwoong date NJ otherwise i’ll be so sad i want to see everyone is happy at the ending i want a happy ending unlike squid game.

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