Our Blues (2022) Episode 1

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6 Comments to “Our Blues (2022) Episode 1

  1. Hy. I just want to welcome back Mr. Kim Woo Bin from his long absence due to personal serious helf problems. I’m genuinely happy to see you return after the huge snow ball you had to melt down… I wish you the best. (From Madeira Island, Portugal)

  2. I enjoy Cha Seung Won, I am so glad to see him portray age appropriate characters…I am so looking forward to a project for him portraying a domineering “ABOJIE”

  3. At last! Something pleasant again. I am sick to death of this recent string of grotesquely violent K-dramas. I was first drawn to K-dramas nearly ten years ago because of their unique ability to string together sentimental human stories. I avoided the films because, let’s face it, they are even more violent and overtly sexual than western films. But now, Kdramas are becoming inexcusably raw and dark. It’s very disappointing.

  4. Oh! I’m not intending to be rude, but my dog’s name is Eun Hui! I love her to death and it took me ages to figure out a proper name for her!

    1. Haha there’s nothing rude with that ..these days many names are common like that ..like my czn named her cat Casper and Casper is also a human name Soo no worries I think eun hui is a cute name

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