Our Blues (2022) Episode 8

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4 Comments to “Our Blues (2022) Episode 8

  1. This show is just so raw , realistic and very authentic. I love this show a lot cus its about real life issues and definitely worth watching!!💯

  2. These are the Kdramas that I absolutely love. Heartwarming, simple human stories that do not need violence, sex, foul language, or dark, twisted themes. I adore this drama!

  3. Why is our blues so good? I mean when you think this is the climax. You’ve seen it all, boom it surprises you and gets even better. I came here after watching my Liberation notes, so I was thinking, ‘that has to be best weekend drama’ but after watching ‘our blues’, I got even more confused. They are both equally good.

    1. I am also watching Liberation Notes. As far as I’m concerned, they are the two best dramas to come out in several years. They are both very sincere stories and I am enjoying them both immensely.

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