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8 Comments to “Pachinko (2022) Episode 4

  1. I’m writing this here because I’ve nowhere else to comment. [WARNING: THERE MIGHT BE SPOILERS AHEAD]

    Having read the book first…in many ways, it feels like the characters have been altered one way or another, specifically with Hansu. All the other character…hm, yes, are doing or saying things that might be a bit out of character from the original source material BUT, do enhance and highlight certain personality traits that will be crucial in the telling of this story. As for Hansu….he is many things, but among that is being tremendously loyal and generous to his kin. That includes Sunja for being the mother of his child, as well to those that might be of impact to those he’s loyal to.

    In subtle ways, yes, he was persistently present in her life but only shows himself YEARS later. After he revealed to be married with kids, Sunja told him she never wanted to see him again. Trying to give her space and time to calm down a bit, he leaves for Japan for about 3-4 months. When he comes back and realizes she gotten married and immigrated, he respects her decision. Staying out of sight for a very, VERY long time and only reveals himself when it’s absolutely crucial. He himself never tried to force his memory into Sunja’s marriage. (Though is ever present, nonetheless) Never did he throw in her face that she would come seeking his help one day. On the contrary. He respected and admired her willfulness, stubbornness and strength. It always felt like he was silently cheering her on from the shadows while doing all he could to support her efforts, careful not to jab at her pride, seeing her as an equal. This is the only change I personally do not like. Drama Hansu is a bit too emotional, slightly petty. Book Hansu doesn’t have time nor energy for that. His efforts are better spent making business, racking up power.

    But that’s just my personal opinion, and that’s on how a single character is being portrayed. Because as a whole? Love the drama so far. AGAIN, a BUNCH of modification. Sometimes it feels like I’m watching the story of a completely different family, while at others, it feels like I’m getting to finally watch events that were only implied if not left to our imagination in the book. And really, that’s what I believe the drama is focusing on.

    Though the story isn’t a near copy of the source material, it doesn’t matter. Why? Because the hardships, pain, discrimination, isolation, xenophobia this family faced, were the same ones thousands of Korean immigrants faced, as seen with Grandma Han. It’s is the same hardships generations to come would face. The same loss, confusion, and uncertainty. Wanting to be Japanese, but rejected because of their Korean blood. Wanting to hold on to their roots while being beaten by Japanese society to let go of it. Neither here, nor there. Why? Because in book Hana’s own words to Solomon, “Japan will never change.”

    Im only halfway through this drama, so my comment is only relevant up to here, but so far? 10/10 without hesitation.

    1. I am a black South African lady & relate to the stories of the discrimination here. I am learning the history of Koreans and what they have been through. It is sad, the similarities between our history as black people and theirs. I shed a few tears especially when the old lady spoke at that meeting full of people pressuring her to sign. Now looking at both the history of blck people and Koreans (esp. South Africans &South Koreans cz im south African but essentially black ppl all over the world) and how we faced similar pain it boggles my mind how we can, in the present day, discriminate against each other. Oh well, was just passing my thoughts. This drama is beautiful and envokes so many emotions. Love your explaination of the book, it made me want to get it.

    1. yea some parts are boring like current-time-like scenes, but the past is very interesting in my opinion 🙂 hopefully u could give it another shot n it might be worth watching 🙂 Have a nice day

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