Pachinko (2022) Episode 7

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6 Comments to “Pachinko (2022) Episode 7

  1. Pain turned Hansu from a sweet boy to a mature person. Now i understand him..
    Proud of Lee min ho.His acting is on point. I am shocked how he portrayed hansu.
    Loved it

  2. Wait I’m confused so it was an earthquake at first but then it looked like there was a bomb? Was it a bomb or was another earthquake that hit that killed the Americans? I don’t get it???

    1. I think the mass panic and fires as a result from the earthquake let to their deaths. The ashes and fires are a result from the collapsed buildings (as a result from the intense earthquake).

  3. I was so mad in the previous episodes because of his few scenes but today im shocked by the events .. death, lifes , good byes, suffering even discrimination !
    His father said ” it’s time to look higher ” but death and heinous humanitarian acts had another word they brought him down.. I blamed him for abandoning his love but I see now how he got that heart ?

  4. Minho-shi is soooooooooo talented! He got me crying. ????? Can’t believe his portrayal as Hansu is probably the best!!!!

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