Pachinko (2022) Episode 8

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13 Comments to “Pachinko (2022) Episode 8

  1. It was so amazing ! Very rich in history ..very uplifting ,so much to learn on .waiting for more season . Proud of this film . Hard work and love.

  2. The lesson here is that only strong willed people can make it!!!!! Back then during wars it was really so hard to live!! Not like we never knew about this but watching it this way really has a stronger impact! You did well Halmoni-deul!! Goussaeng mani haessoyo!! Actually not only Korea-Japan situation but all people whom countries were involved in war or colonized had to suffer the same consequences and pains… Thank you all for fighting so hard and standing against all hardships for the better present we are living in now! <3

    1. Very true, we should not forget thier hardship, we should treasure what we have today because this is the fruit of thier hard labors

  3. Is there a season2? I felt only Hana’s character was developed. I like to see more of Sunja and Hansu. I feel there are missing crucial points and transitions. Or perhaps I should watch the episodes more closely to fullu appreciate the dileanation of their characters? Thanks,

  4. I was in tears in this last episode. I am amazed how these elders have aged and still living.
    Pachinko means to me .. it’s the act of survival! You win some You Lose some.

  5. That’s we called strong independent women, it’s not by money or by make up or by high work positions or even by studies it’s by that path they choose with no regrets by what they endured throw that time ! I like the last part even those sad testifies ?

  6. The last part of this episode brokes my heart ?.. The same situation in our country ??.. Women at that time suffers so much pain during the WWII… ???

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