Paternity Appraiser (2022)


Dong Ning Shu, a paternity tester, met second-generation heir Zhang Xi Da in an accident. Zhang Xi Da becomes attracted to Dong Ning Shu and decides to invest in the An He Paternity Center where she works. He also claims to be an internet celebrity, hoping to accumulate material for his own personal purpose. At first Dong Ning Shu doesn’t like Zhang Xi Da, but she gradually comes to accept him as she gets to know his enthusiasm and warmth as they work together on various paternity cases, and Zhang Xi Da discovers the charm and importance of paternity testing. As they grow closer, they discover each other’s secrets and uncover one particularly disturbing one…what will they do when they find out they might share the same father?

Also known as: 亲子鉴定师 ; 亲子鉴定师手记, , Qin Zi Jian Ding Shi , Paternity Tester’s Notes ,Paternity Tester


Status: Completed

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