Please Don’t Date Him (2020) Episode 1

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4 Comments to “Please Don’t Date Him (2020) Episode 1

  1. I guess no one is commenting anything about the drama…
    The relationship between Ji Sung and Jung Han is interesting because I feel like the drama is trying to paint Jung Han as the bad guy but I think the term “it takes two to tango” fits in this situation. Jung Han seems like he cares about Ji Sung but acts like his relationship is about the status rather than being happy. You notice how he really cares about what his former classmates think of him and his fiancĂ©e as well as caring more about getting proper singers rather than letting her colleagues sing. This shows that he cares about his image and in turn wants a bigger wedding. She seems to not necessary want that or any of the choices he makes. Also want to note, that he doesn’t really like her input on the wedding and clearly takes charge. This over time would make her a little resentful of the wedding itself and of him. Which you can kind of see throughout the whole episode. She doesn’t seem that excited about getting married nor is she really excited about going home to him. There are moments where she tries to be sweet and makes the situation fun like how she started jumping when he came to get her at her office. However, he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings and it seems awkward from a viewer’s perspective. In general you can see why Jung Han isn’t that great of a partner but they both don’t seem into the relationship. She continues to want to get married even though she clearly feels otherwise and doesn’t have a serious discussion with him at all. Instead, she keeps it bottled up. Either afraid they’ll break up or she’ll have to start all over again if she does; she’s comfortable where she is right now and doesn’t want to change that. I don’t think it helps that she seems to not care too much about his personal events like his reunion. If my partner asked me to go to an important event with him, I would since he would be happy if I did. She seemed more fixated on seeing how her friend was being cheated on which is important, don’t get me wrong but that’s also something she could’ve verified later on. All in all, they’re in a loveless relationship it seems.

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