Please Don’t Date Him (2020)


“Please Don’t Meet Him” (literal translation) is about a woman named Seo Ji Sung who wants to fall in love but also avoid the wrong men. In order to create the perfect love life, she creates an artificial intelligence (AI) program called Cho Sang Shin.

Song Ha Yoon will take on the role of Seo Ji Sung, a programmer of the AI smart home appliance development team. One day, she accidentally develops an AI program called Cho Sang Shin, which will identify trashy humans, and she uses it to save people who are in difficult relationships.

Jun will transform into Jung Kook Hee, a firefighter who doesn’t use social media. He is the one and only person that Cho Sang Shin is unable to analyze.

Also known as: 제발 그 남자 만나지 마요 Jebal Geu Namja Mannaji Mayo Please Don’t Meet the Man Please Don’t Meet Him Please Don’t Meet That Man


Status: Completed

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36 Comments to “Please Don’t Date Him (2020)

  1. I am disappointed in the firefighter – The girlfriend basically told him anything he did was ok – she cared for him no matter what – FULL SUPPORT. He doesn’t even want to hear any explanations – he doesn’t TRUST her. She trusted him. I think boyfriend #1 cares more for her. I didn’t feel that way until episode 9.

  2. okay before you comment on the subbing rate, this drama airs on two separate channels. one of which premiered their first episode a week earlier than the other which is why “new” episodes don’t get subbed the day of and stay raw until the episodes have been shown on both channels. It’s not a matter of subs being late, it’s because their broadcast scheduling is set strangely.

  3. For Those Who are asking for early subs , Subs on time , subers are lazy etc. Kindly respect them because if they were not subbing the episodes we can’t see or understand the show we are enjoying…they also have their work please give them time..u can work as subber too..then u will know how hard is to work on every sentence and subbing..RESPECT THEM Please.

  4. this drama sub is released every tuesday, an hour before the new episode is released. that is what i observe.

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