A young Catholic priest, Oh Soo Min (Yun Woo Jin), lost his mother who was possessed by a demon years ago. Since then, he decided to become an exorcist in order to cast out demons from this world. Oh Soo Min learnt how to perform exorcisms from his mentor Priest Moon Ki Sun (Park Yong Woo) who founded 643 Regia, an unofficial club of exorcists. Meanwhile a girl named Ham Eun Ho (Jung Yoo Mi) became a doctor to save people’s lives after her family went through an unfortunate accident. She does not believe in supernatural forces until she witnesses of a supernatural phenomenon in the Catholic hospital and meets Oh Soo Min. Together with Soo Min and Ki Sun, the heroine will fight the evils that have returned to this world again.

Airs on Saturdays and Sundays.

Also known as:프리스트


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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Priest trailer


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  1. The cast and story are well portrayed. Even foreigners can grasp the meaning. I followed through and I find so real. I admire all the cast because they really brought the story with a tinge of spiritual and in the true sense this is happening while the devil is catching its prey… I’m so happy that in spite of all the power of the devil deceived humans, God is more powerful and stronger whatever it takes and I am very satisfied… Nobody can overrule the power of God, our savior and comforter……

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