Prince of Legend 2018

Also known as: プ リ ン ス オ ブ レ ジ ジ


High school student Suzaku Kanade is deemed “celebrity prince”. He comes from a rich family, has good looks and manners. One day, his father introduces him to Kyogoku Takato, the charismatic “Bad boy prince” among the bad boys in the downtown area. With completely different backgrounds and different personalities, the two boys start to compete for some “important thing”. However, Takato’s younger brother Ryu, student-union President Ayanokoji Aoi, Red Dance Prince Tendo Koki, Lecturer Prince Yuki Riichi and Hairdresser Prince Sagasawa Haru also join the competition…


Status: Ongoing

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  1. Hey…I am Aditti from India… Thanks for uploading subtitles for this drama..Can you upload the conclusion of this drama which is The Movie ?. It will be great if you provide it with subtitles…I was eagerly waiting for its movie release ever since I watched the drama..I’ll be thankful to you if you upload it as soon as possible…

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