Queen: Love And War Episode 16

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19 Comments to “Queen: Love And War Episode 16

  1. finally, I watched a happy ending historical drama.
    it seems touching everyone’s hearts,
    all the actors and the actresses portrayed such a good character in each of everyone’s roles.

    really appreciated. thank you for uploading with the English subtitle.

  2. Really love this drama… the story and climax, the characters and most important the one who play the roles… bravo to all the actors and actress…

    I finished watching this once the sub title is ready few weeks back and this is my 3rd revisit for the full drama… Watching it again and again… hahaha… πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

    Thanks for the upload and subtitle!!!

  3. Thanks for this wonderful drama. I really like it. It was all settled until the last. It was nice with happy ending thumbs up with all the cast, director and the whole team.

  4. Okay, pins and needles as usual. You writers always give us a nail biter to the wonderful end. Thx. The last 2 major scenes were awesome. Father meeting his son and the long shot on the beach!!
    Stellar performances for Jin Se Yun and Kim Min Kyu!! The entire cast brought us a great drama. Even the β€œbad” folks!!
    Mahalo and aloha!! Subbers, great job, even with the long waits, occasionally

    1. This is a short continued comment. Just my 2 cents. The final resolved ending was so quick. If this beautiful couple reigned as king and queen, a sequel, part 2 would be great, especially to watch the little one become a Prince in his own right. And the story drop a bad plot and bad guys. Okay, I kind of look at the world thru rose tinted glasses.
      But many thx again for everything!!

  5. its so beautiful happy ending indeed
    i love it so much and his Majesty is so handsome the way he smile they execute the ending very smooth and everything is justified thank you
    please watch this kpop fans and spread the kpopfanatic all over the world

  6. Such a nice drama with talented actors and actresses. Kim Min-kyu is very handsome. I love every episode! The ending was smoothly executed. Great ending! πŸ‘πŸ»Brilliant director πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


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