Queen: Love And War


A fantasy sageuk about those who struggle for power and the queen’s throne.



Status: Completed

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37 Comments to “Queen: Love And War

  1. The lead actor, Kim Min Kyu, deserves to have more projects as the main protagonist because he acts really well.

  2. I like the drama. Not so heavy and it has a happy ending giving my heart a dose of happiness.

  3. Thank you for the serials & subtitles. I have been now bedridden for a while and I have started watching Queen: Love And War, after watching S1 of Joy of love.

  4. This drama is so worth watching especially if you are into historical dramas. I would rate this 10/10. Great casting and great story line..

  5. Hey!!!! We’re been waiting for episode 11. Please upload it now don’t wait that our excitement turn to madness and hating the drama?

  6. I like this drama very much. Every episode is so sad reminding me of Prince Jumong or the Prince of legend. A story worth telling.

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